South Africa – Dream Destination for Egg Donation & IVF

Couples or individuals in need of egg donation have the following requirements:
World class fertility clinics with world class success rates; a wide choice of available and well-screened egg donors; affordable IVF and donor matching costs and for most…a beautiful and sought after holiday destination. Look no further than South Africa and Gift ov life, a foremost South African Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agency.

What should Recipients to Egg Donation look for in choosing an agency to work with? We recommend that you choose an agency that:

– Offers a wide choice of available egg donors – Gift ov life has 50+ donors who are available for you to view on line. You may also request detailed profiles of donors on line.

– Provides you with a Detailed Donor Profile that reveals the extent to which the donors have been screened – Gift ov life egg donors complete an extensive questionnaire: 98 different medical conditions are screened, grandparents history and in depth personal, academic and lifestyle reviews of the donor.

– A national agency, offering donors in Jhb and Cape Town – the availability of national egg donors gives you a wider choice of donors, allows you to choose your fertility clinic and sight seeing between Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

– Provides you with personal transport transfers – Gift ov life is aware that being in a strange country can be daunting. We want to keep your stress to a minimum. The co-owners of Gift ov life offer personal transfers to and from the airport and to/from your hotel to clinic, at o cost, to ensure that you are very well taken care of during your stay with us.

– An agency whose owners have personally experienced IVF – Both Gift ov life’s co-owners have, between them, been treated at all the major fertility clinics in South Africa and have undergone many IVF treatments. We are experienced and we understand.

Our advice is to ask these questions of the agency that you enquire to work with. Ensure that you get the best advice, treatment and egg donors available.

If you require an egg donor or would like to become an egg donor, please visit our website .
You are also welcome to email us at

At Gift ov life our world class, affordable Egg Donation and Surrogacy Program is focused on assisting you to get pregnant via egg donation IVF in South Africa.

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