Shiloh loses tooth at age 3

A photo of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt [right] has been circulating through the gossip sites for a few days. The pic shows the 3-year old Shiloh missing a front tooth. Shiloh and her 5-year old brother Pax [left] were photographed Wednesday with mom Angelina Jolie in France. We think Shiloh’s too young to lose her baby teeth, and others are concerned too.

That’s why E! Online went to Atlanta pediatrician Jennifer Shu, who says she occasionally sees tooth loss in children Shiloh’s age, but it usually isn’t from natural causes.

“Usually it’s trauma,” she says, such as an innocent, accidental fall. “They fall and bonk their tooth on a table, or the child is on a tricycle and they have a crash.”

“As a pediatrician, I have never seen a kid lose a tooth as young as age 3 except for trauma or severe tooth decay—very, very severe,” Shu says.

For example, if the child is given a sippy cup or bottle full of milk or juice too often, that can cause her front teeth to pop out early.

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