Friday Legal Updates – PA Triplet Case, Infertility Coverage, & Misleading IVF Success Rates

TGIF! Hope that everyone has a great weekend! Will be speaking in Las Vegas at a LGBT conference – definitely fired up for this one! Oh, and I will also be inVegas – poor me….

Here at the updates for this week. Enjoy!

Pennsylvania – A judge will not dismiss a lawsuit against a northwestern PA hospital over allowing a surrogate (gestational, I might add) to take home triplets she has given birth to. Some may not remember the case, but here is a link if you need a recap.

The Parents are suing the hospital for allowing her to take the babies home – why was social services not called? I guess that they will now live and learn.

California – The California Supreme Court decided this past Wednesday not to revive a challenge to the limited insurnace coverage for infertility treatment offered by employer provided group health plans. The panel threw out an appeal by a woman struggling to conceive a child, who contended that Blue Cross of California had engaged in false advertising and unfair business practices. The Appellate Court noted that the Plaintiff’s argument was based on an erroneous premise that Blue Cross was required to offer and provide full coverage for fertility treatments, noting that “nowhere does section 1374.55 state that coverage that the parties negotiate be full. What are your thoughts?

Illinois – Dr. Rapisarda with Fertility Center of Illinois explained that physicians and clinics have different criteria that limit entry into their IVF programs, thereby leading to higher pregnancy rates and better statistics. As a result, he urges patients not to focus on numbers alone, as some statistics may be misleading. Good point, Dr. Rapisarda!

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