Donor Eggs = Half Adoption??

We did a Creating a Family show this past Spring (February 11, 2009 ) on how to know when you are ready to move to donor eggs or sperm. One of the email questions we received called using donor eggs “half adoption”. I haven’t gone back and re-listened to the show, but if memory serves (and it is doing so less and less these days) I said something along the lines that there were similarities since in both donor egg and adoption the woman would be parenting a genetically unrelated child. The psychologist guest was more diplomatic (of course) saying something like some people felt that way and others did not. After the show I received a number of emails ranging from slightly miffed to irate from women who had either conceived children through donor eggs or were considering it objecting to equating donor eggs with adoption. It came up again on last week’s show and Marna Gatlin, founder of the great group Parents Via Egg Donation, told me recently that a heated dispute had erupted on their website message board over this same topic.
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