Remembering Senator Ted Kennedy

ProudParenting blogger – joegayknowndonor – shares his condolences about the passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Senator Kennedy, died of brain cancer at age 77. He was the youngest of four brothers, the only one who died peacefully.

Sen. Kennedy had a 47-year career as a prominent and productive member of the Senate. His early endorsement of Barack Obama helped Obama win the White House.

joegayknowndonor posts: “I am saddened by the death of Ted Kennedy, one of our community’s best friends in the Senate. Not only did he spearhead legislation on universal health care and education reform, he embraced the fight for LGBT equality decades before other politicians. The community will miss his support.”

One thought on “Remembering Senator Ted Kennedy

  • August 31, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    lest we forget – may we remember this man for his motivations, his roots, family horrors, and recovering to pursue justice and excellence = poor, elderly, GLBT, etc., and may we celebrate his life. His tenacious fight for health care in which he was one of the few who did not take a pay out. Unlike some big fish who took +/- $187,000 payoffs.

    Let’s celebrate the accomplishments and dreams, the humanity and LITERACY advancements. Making mandatory all soldiers having body armour in Iraq, and lets remember the USA has the lowest literacy rates of any developed country in the G8. Let him find peace with his mistakes and failings – those aren’t ours to judge. May Ma’at = egyptian goddess of TRUTH – weigh his soul – and find it no more heavy then a feather –

    A celebration for life, and a greater celebration for death!
    Peace be with you, Ted Kennedy – we are better off for having had the time to know you – as best we could. Journey well with a light heart and a clear mind – free from obscurations.

    Journey home brother. You have done well.

    Light, Life, Love and Liberty

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