Fertility Tourism – Where Do You Go From Here?

Depending upon who you talk to – fertility tourism may or may not be a good thing? In my opinion, if you are working with a reputable clinic/company, it is a good thing. But, where do you find these clinics, and how do you truly know if they are reputable, success, etc. as it may be the clinic/company themselves posing as a patient on a forum? As I noted in an earlier blog piece, I was appalled (naively, I must admit) that this sort of unethical practice is going on here right in my own back yard.

Besides those forums, I think that Parents, Surrogates, and Donors must absolutely EDUCATE and INFORM themselves, instead of becoming another horror story. Not everyone has the funds to keep trying once things go badly.

In fact, I will be speaking on this on my radio show, Surrogacy Lawyer Radio on Blog Talk Radio this Friday on how to ask the right questions, get referrals (not just via the internet), and ask more questions.


In addition, my recent concern over fertility tourism outside of the US, where I am very familiar and aware of reputations, etc. is a blog post written by a woman with alot of information regarding India. Note, she did get her child from India via surrogacy, but she had alot of concerns, as did the comments from others. It is worth a read.


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