Ethics: Creating children/people with three genetic progenitors?

“DNA swap could cure inherited diseases”
August 27, 2009
Timesonline (

(Quote from article):
***”The technique is controversial, however, because the children it creates would inherit genetic material from three parents. The mother and father would contribute most of their child’s DNA but a small amount would come from a second woman donating healthy mitochondria. “***

I also posted this article to a forum for ‘donor’ conceived adults asking “How many of us here would want to find the identity of a second mother who ‘only’ contributed mitochondria dna?”

A fellow ‘donor’ conceived person (who has a background in science) made a very good point. He wrote:

“With genetic genealogy this is how we follow the maternal line. Because we get our mitochondrial DNA from our mothers and not our fathers you can follow the maternal line the same way we do for the paternal line with the y-chromosome.
Male and female offspring can both follow their maternal line this way. The mitochondria has typically been described as being the engine room of a cell.

Could it also influence other components of our lives even though the amount of DNA is small in comparison to nuclear DNA?

That is the next question.”

An adoptee writes more on this (Science and Ethics) on her blog “Adoption and its triad”

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