What kind of mom considers moving to another town, leaving two adopted children to stay w/ex?

I am seeking opinions and ideas from all of you. I have two adopted children. My ex(lesbian) and I adopted them then ‘divorced’/split up 6 years ago. The children are now 9 and 12. We share custody from week to week; so i see them constantly. My ex is with a new partner, I am not. Took me longer to let go of the dream. I am(finally) in love with a woman in a town four hours away from us. She has 3 young kids (twin 3 & 5yo)and won’t move/leave them from her ex. when is it ok to do something for me as a mom? my friends are aghast I would consider moving, part of me is in total shock at my own consideration. My moving seems ok to me because my kids are older and are use to the two homes etc.

Heterosexual couples do this sort of thing all the time. why is it so very wrong for me to consider it? I would probably end up w/ them for the summers since I teach.

Thanks in advance,

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