An amazing story of loss and acceptance by a ProudParenting blogger

ProudParenting blogger – wpsegura – shares his story of being adopted at age 2.

“…my biological mother found me when I was 35, (was a shock since I never knew I was adopted until then) and I meet my biological family. They are Cuban and Dominican. So I really was curious about my biological father, since my father and I did not have a good relationship. So I asked my biological mother about him, which went nowhere at all since she was still in love with the man, but he broke her heart.

“So I went to my lesbian biological aunt, who gave me the lowdown on him. I found out he was Haitian Creole, and a big player. When I was born he was married with 4 kids, and my bio mother was 16 and he was 25.

“He has a total of 12 kids all around the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and had no interest in meeting me. So I found one of my “sisters” who had no interest in meeting me, but told my “aunt” that he had passed away of diabetes.

“So I found my father, and as the old song goes, “Papa was a rolling stone.” Since then, my bio mother died of a drug over dose, my grandfather died from a stroke (we became pretty close, when I lived with them in New York for a while to get to know them, and I miss him a lot. So I did find a father figure in my bio grandfather, and a good friend in my bio aunt. I am so glad that they found me.”

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