Helping your Child Make the Transition from Crib to Bed

Around this age, your toddler would be big enough to outgrow the crib. This is an indication that it is time for a toddler bed. However, the transition from a crib to a toddler bed may not be very easy and smooth for the toddler.

Here are some tips to ensure your toddler has a smooth transition from a crib to a bed:

* Ensure that the bed is very comfortable and inviting.
* Let the toddler decide on the most suitable bed.
* Keep things that attract the toddler near the bed.
* Accustom your toddler to the new bed by keeping it in front of the toddler for some time prior to actually using it.
* Impress upon the toddler that moving out of the crib is the most wonderful thing to look forward to.
* Ensure that all the things your toddler enjoys doing, are done in the toddler bed itself.
* Place the toddler bed in the same position in your house as the crib was.
* Show your appreciation of the new toddler bed.

Some Don’ts

* If your toddler is just not ready to move to a bed, do not force a transition; forcing your toddler to move out of a crib may develop hatred for a bed altogether.
* Do not make the prospect of moving to a toddler bed a boring or mechanical affair for the toddler. Instead, try to instill excitement in the toddler about the prospect of moving out of the crib.

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