Brainstorming Names for Your Baby

Sure, you can wade through 60,000 names and look for the one that catches your fancy. Another approach is to sit down with a glass of wine ( grape juice for mom-to-be ) and make the following questions into a game. Brainstorm using some or all of these questions and see what kind of ideas they spark. Remember, there is no rule that says a baby can only have one name. If you work together, you might find a few that you both like and respond to at the same time.

  • Find out who are your favorite artists ?
  • What is your favorite movie? Who are the stars ?
  • What is your favorite novel? Who are the main characters ?
  • Name every family member as far back or distant as you can remember ?
  • Figure out what part of American history do you like ?
  • Find out what countries are your ancestors from ?
  • What languages do you speak ?
  • What is your favorite city? What is your favorite state ?
  • Try to remember where did you go on your first date ?
  • Where were you married ?
  • Where did you go for honeymoon ?
  • Your favorite teachers ?
  • Your favorite flowers, gems, trees ?

About the Baby

  • Where was he or she conceived ?
  • Where will the baby be born? City? Address ?
  • What do you want baby’s name to say about you ?
  • What do you think your baby will look like ?
  • What kind of personality will she or he likely have ?
  • What color hair or eyes do you imagine ?
  • What is the name of your OB / GYN ?

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