Why is Lice Rampant?

One of the most popular questions we get on lice is “Why is lice so rampant now?” There are a couple of answers to this question. First is that the toxic chemicals that were used 20-30 years ago are not working to their fullest potential anymore. Lice have evolved, they have become resistant to products like Rid, Nix, Ovide, etc. This makes the products even more dangerous for us to use simply because we tend to use more of it to get rid of the infestation. A simple solution to this is don’t use chemicals to battle a lice infestation. Killing lice can easily be done with MagicMousse, a non-toxic enzyme. It is 100% effective in killing lice and it helps loosen the nit glue. Another reason why we think lice is so rampant is simply because we are living in a bubble. We think we are so clean and we are immune to such parasites. We walk around oblivious and don’t even realize we have lice until its a major infestation. At least the first time. Someone who has experienced lice knows better. They know the signs, and they are determined to never have to deal with a major infestation again. For those of you who have never experienced lice you need to be aware. A good nit comb like MagicWand is the key to lice prevention. If everyone combed out their hair once a week, a lice infestation would never happen in the first place. MagicMint Spray is a natural lice repellant. No need to gel your kids hair or use tons of hairspray. A little mint spray should keep lice away just as effectively. Also, an anti-lice shampoo like X-Pel can be used everyday. It will kill a louse and it is also a repellant. It is a great shampoo to send to camp with your kids. If you need further advice on how to keep lice away, please check out our website at www.FairyLiceMothers.com or give us a call at 866-561-0492

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