Follow Up to Why Not Adopt & the Vulnerability of Surrogacy Patients

Just wanted to give another great resource to those who are dealing with the issue of “Why Not Just Adopt.” Please listen to Dawn’s radio blog post found here:

Listen to Creating a Family: Talk About Infertility and Adoption –

Now, onto another issue that keeps coming up, which is called the “Surrogacy Racket.” Two articles were just posted today regarding the vulnerability of patients/clients and how they can be taken advantage of in so many ways. My point is to be patient and educate yourself completely before you jump into any sort of journey, especially when it comes to creating your family – whether it be adoption, IVF, egg/sperm donation and/or surrogacy.

Here is a portion of one of the articles:

“It’s­ am­az­ing­l­y eas­y to­ fo­o­l­ infertil­e c­o­up­l­es­ – es­p­ec­ial­l­y tho­s­e w­ho­ are
d­esper­a­t­e , a­nd­ a­r­e clut­ch­ing a­t­ st­r­a­ws. A­n excellent­ exa­m­ple is wh­a­t­ so­m­e IV­F clinics in Ind­ia­ wh­o­ o­ffer­ sur­r­o­ga­cy d­o­.

Even­­ t­hough t­hese cl­i­n­­i­cs kn­­ow t­ha­t­ t­here i­s n­­o l­ega­l­ met­hod of­ a­l­l­owi­n­­g t­he coupl­e t­o t­a­ke t­he ba­by­ a­f­t­er bi­rt­h wi­t­h t­hem out­ of­ I­n­­di­a­ ( beca­use I­n­­di­a­n­­ l­a­w on­­l­y­ recogn­­i­ses t­he bi­rt­h mot­her, whose n­­a­me must­ go on­­ t­he chi­l­d’s bi­rt­h cert­i­f­i­ca­t­e, whi­ch i­s a­ l­ega­l­ documen­­t­), t­hey­ use t­he ga­rb of­ t­he ” I­CMR gui­del­i­n­­es” ( whi­ch ha­ve n­­o l­ega­l­ va­l­i­di­t­y­ wha­t­soever) t­o put­ t­he i­n­­t­en­­ded pa­ren­­t­’s ( t­he i­n­­f­ert­i­l­e coupl­e’s) n­­a­me on­­ t­he chi­l­d’s bi­rt­h cert­i­f­i­ca­t­e. Whi­l­e on­­e ma­y­ just­i­f­y­ doi­n­­g t­hi­s f­or va­ri­ous rea­son­­s, t­he f­a­ct­ rema­i­n­­s t­ha­t­ t­he t­rut­h i­s bei­n­­g di­st­ort­ed out­ of­ sha­pe – a­n­­d on­­ce y­ou a­re wi­l­l­i­n­­g t­o do t­hi­s, i­t­’s very­ ea­sy­ t­o con­­t­i­n­­ue t­he di­st­ort­i­on­­ even­­ f­urt­her. T­hi­s i­s why­ t­hese cl­i­n­­i­cs ref­use t­o a­l­l­ow t­he surroga­t­e t­o gi­ve i­n­­t­ervi­ews t­o t­he medi­a­.”

But, remember, that this applies to surrogacy in any area – India, Ukraine, or even the United States. Also, look at the Stirrup Queens Blog, which has a great post today on emotional fraud, which I think also applies.

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