Australia – Melbourne – Surrogacy Forum for Gay Men – 06 June 2009

Gay Dads Australia

JUNE 06 2009

Many Gay men are now becoming Dads via surrogacy. There are Surrogacy Agencies in the United States, Canada and India all helping Australian Gay men become fathers.

Presented by members of Gay Dads Australia, the forum will be held in Melbourne and provide an opportunity for local gay men to find out more about Surrogacy and the options available in countries such as the USA, Canada and India. There is no cost to attend. The forum will be held on Saturday 06 June 2009 from 2 to 4 pm.

This is a great opportunity for interested gay singles or couples to have some of their questions answered.

– how does surrogacy work?
– how do the surrogacy laws work in the US, Canada, India?
– how do I bring my child back into Australia?
– can anyone do it
– how much does it cost

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