Surrogacy Case Reopens Need for Education of Intended Parents

When I read about a case such as the one below, it reopens the need for education of Intended Parents (and their surrogates) by experienced legal counsel. Why did this Intended Parent think that this situation would work out for him in Indiana? Was he aware of the risks? Did he know that there were other options in other more appropriate venues, such as California?

Well, either way, make certain that you “look before you leap,” and you obtain legal counsel that can tell you of the risks and rewards of working in certain states. I can only hope for the best for this father and his daughters.

Ruling revives controversy over twins’ placement – by Jon Murray in Indiana

“The blond, blue-eyed twin girls who started life in an Indianapolis intensive care unit could hardly have known they would become the focus of a years-long interstate adoption battle.

As they took their first steps and reached other milestones under the care of the only father they have known, Indiana child welfare officials challenged the legality of their adoption.

Last week, on the twins’ fourth birthday, the Indiana Supreme Court issued a ruling that threw their family into limbo by reversing the final adoption decree and ordering a new review.

Karen Zaria and Kathy Zee Melinger again are stuck in uncertainty rooted in an adoption that legal experts say should never have been granted to Stephen Melinger. The New Jersey man enlisted Monrovia attorney Steve Litz, and his company, Surrogate Mothers Inc., to arrange a surrogate mother from South Carolina.”

Good luck to this family!

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