New York Judge Allows Biological Mom to Adopt Own Son

Via Associated Press:

Adoption gives woman ‘full and unassailable’ parental rights, judge says

NEW YORK — A judge in New York City has granted the adoption petition of a woman whose egg was implanted in her domestic partner and resulted in the birth of a son.

Surrogate Court Judge Kristin Booth Glen says she is convinced that the woman, identified only as Mona A., is already the legal parent of the 15-month-old boy.

But in her ruling on Friday, April 10, the judge said the adoption will give Mona A. her “full and unassailable” parental rights.

The women, Mona A. and Ingrid A., got married in the Netherlands in 2004 after being together 11 years. The judge says that while the Netherlands marriage is recognized by New York state, the legal adoption will ensure Mona’s rights throughout the United States.

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