5 Months and counting

Well, its been a while since I’ve updated my blog, so here goes. All is going well. Our GS is 5 months pregnant today and there are no problems….knock on wood….We are expecting identical twin girls and a little boy. I flew down to go to our last ultrasound appointment our little guys are growing fast! They’re each just under one pound and the doctors are saying that they’re a week ahead of schedule. We’re shooting for 35 weeks for our due date, but we know that the babies will decide when its time…

Now, its a mad rush to get everything we need to prepare for our new family. We’ve ordered the baby furniture… who knew that it would take 3 months before it would come. Glad that’s done. At this point, if the babies come earlier than expected, we’ll have to go out a buy whatever crib is in stock as a quick fix. When they come home, they’ll all stay in the same crib for a while anyway.

The other big issue was the stroller… there aren’t a lot of choices for triplet strollers, but now that’s done.

Today, we began interviewing nannies. It felt daunting as we started, but we met three wonderful women and have already begun checking references. We also connected with a baby nurse for when the babies first come home.

Next big task…. we need a bigger car. Wish us luck.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We still have a long way to go til the babies arrive healthy.

Much love!

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