bloggers are expecting triplets!

We’ve got great news to share from New Jersey, Proud Parenting members Ed and Brad – aka eribaudo – are pregnant with triplets.

They started blogging in January, after returning from an initial meeting with a prospective gestational surrogate:

The surrogate has some expectations that we’re concerned about. The last parent that she worked with was at every doctor’s appointment and moved out to live near her a month before the delivery. She expects us to be at every doctor’s appointment too. We told her that it was not possible and she seemed to understand, but we’re concerned about not meeting her expectations and having some rough patches down the road.

The couple and surrogate decided they were a good match, but the first egg transfer wasn’t successful. After choosing a different egg donor – they find themselves pregnant with triplets:

We found out today that one of the embyros split into identical twins. Now we have identical twins and a fraternal singleton. Ironically, I also had my own doctor’s appointment today for a general check up. I told my doctor that my blood pressure might be a little on the high side because we just got some unexpected, but very happy news….TRIPLETS!!!! Yes, my blood pressure is a bit elevated, but the doctor said he wasn’t surprised at all.

Visit their blog, and wish them luck!

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