ProudParenting bloggers describe the “not-so-pleasant side of adoption”

ProudParenting bloggers – mikeandmichael [pictured] – have successfully adopted two children, but their journey has not necessarily been an easy one.

One of their recent blog posts describes a major bump-in-the-road for the couple, and they share some “red flags” to watch for during the adoption process.

They write: …a scammer got the best of our facilitator and us. On Friday, July 13, our facilitator received a call from a birth mother, Sheena Flores. Sheena was desperate to find a family. She claimed to be due in 10 days, and needed minimal financial assistance as well as a place to stay. HERE IS THE FIRST RED FLAG – scammers may contact you late on a Friday afternoon desperate for help. Because it is late in the day, and the situation is short on time, your representative (e.g., facilitator, attorney, agency) has little time to contact her physician to confirm pregnancy. SECOND RED FLAG – with Sheena’s due date looming, she was ready to match with us after having been told little about us. We met for coffee and though she looked like she might be pregnant (or simply overweight), she did not look like she was 39 weeks pregnant, which is what she was claiming to be. We were excited about this possible situation, but were cautious because some tidbits of Sheena’s story did not make sense. When it was time to leave, the facilitator went on her way, while we were left with the responsibility of “supporting” Sheena through the weekend. Our facilitator told Sheena that we would buy her some clothes for the weekend and put her up in a hotel until we could verify her pregnancy. Our facilitator told us that this was “normal” in situations like this. What did we know? I just remember feeling like something just was not right.

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