2 thoughts on “Stand up for Gay Parenting Rights!

  • June 30, 2009 at 4:46 pm

    There may be some supportive trials in Canada regarding three parent families and non biological parental rights soon. Court of Appeal Case in Feb. 2007, Calgary Alberta has already been sited in various cases. Trial was concluded June 23, 2009. This trial is the same as the online interim access decision reflected by the Alberta court of appeals. If this trial is successful then its very important for us all.

  • September 22, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    My ex and I were together for 7 years from 1999-2006. We had a daughter together of course she is the birth mom. My ex left me in Sept 2006 and I was getting to see my daughter every Tuesday and every other weekend just that same as divorced Hedro couples get. Well she started dated this woman almost a month after she left me and then moved in with the woman that Dec 2006. In January of 2008 she informed me that she was going to give step-parents rights to her girlfriend and cut my visits to twice a month. I have helped raise our daughter and paid child support because I felt it was my duty to help because she belongs to both us, or so I thought. I of course begged, pleaded, and offered my whole paycheck for her not to give rights to the other woman. I should have had those rights not that other woman, this is our daughter. Then they went and got married in California and we live in Texas so what is the point exactly? In August 08 she cut my visitation with Carlie down to once a month and said it was due to Carlie starting school. I didn’t like it but at least I was going to get to see Carlie still. Well September came and I asked when could I see Carlie and I was told “their family was too busy this month”, so maybe October. I was so upset I went to see an attorney in which I filed a breach of contract against her, it wasn’t for the money, it was suppose to be a tool to get her to mediate. I had found out in Jan 08 that I didn’t have “standing”, so I thought this was a way around it. Well my ex filed bankruptcy which killed my suit. So in December I went to a family lawyer and she filed a suit in Jan 2009 for me in hopes to prove “Standing” based on when I realized she wasn’t going to let me see our dauther. Carlie is 4 years old and I have not been given the right to see her since the last time I had her in my care which was August 22-24 of 2008. The last time I spoke with Carlie was 9/07/08, I called every Wednesday since her mother left me so for 2 years I’ve been doing this like clockwork becuase I miss Carlie so much and hearing her little voice makes my whole week. I lost the my battle in court 9/18/09 due to lack of “standing”, I knew that might happen but I still fought. My daughter Carlie is worth everything to me and I would give up everything to be able to see her, hear her sweet little voice, and hold her in my arms again. The law needs to change and I’m hoping somehow we can change law someday, so others like me do not end up parenting a child for 4 years and then get cut out as if they were nothing to the child. It’s really sad when gays and lesbians use the laws against each other. What happened to standing up together for what’s right not convinient?

    Michelle McIntosh

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