Well today could be the day! I chatted with my adoption worker yesterday, and she was so encouraging. She submitted the report on me, and said i should be approved possibly by friday. I also talked to her about what i was chatting on a previous blog about. Should i foster while i wait. She was so informative i thought. I went to a prospective adoptive parents meeting last month. I was so suprised by the fact that it seemed that more than half the room had been waiting 9 months or longer. I thought gee i didnt request a newborn,blond haired blue eyed baby,i said 1-5 boy or siblings 1-5,brother/brother, or brother/sister. ,and i was very open on the “what you will accept” paper. Im very open to “Open adoption”. i think it is essential to share with your child(age appropriate of course) of his or her adoption, bio family, and to keep in contact with that family. I think it takes the fantasy out of it for the child. (my mom is a princess,or very wealthy,and cant come get me… ect) By sharing with that bio family if its in a healthy safe way, the child knows that you love and care for them, are not hiding anything from them, and that your grateful to the bio parents because you are able to be a dad and love and nuture them.Anyway im digressing,my worker told me, not to listen to those other prospective parents because chances are the reason their waiting so long IS because they want a baby. And not to worry i will be approved, and to just hang in there for a bit and well see what happens. comforted…for today…LOL. So im carrying my cell around, and hoping for the call to let me know im approved, and then i go into that great big “ADOPTION POOL”. And im still going to my monthly prospective parents group next week,but with a open heart, AND a open mind. One final note …i went to the gym last night and worked out,if ya knew me…youd know WOW… he must be really excited!!!!!take care everyone

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