The most important job ever…Parenting!

I have spent time recently with many different families. Some in the midwest, some with stay at home parents, some with working parents, some in Southern California, some in turmoil over a son lost to the streets and some rejoicing over the birth of their newest family addition. During this time, I have really come to realize that the most important job I will ever have is parenting. The most important role I have in this life is being a parent. I have recently watched other parents, some very engaged and “plugged in” and some very distant and checked out. I have analyzed much and what I have truly realized is that my role in teaching, comforting, guiding, loving, helping, protecting, providing, training, equipping, etc…is the most important thing I will ever do in my life. I actually have an influence on the kinds of people that my kids become…who they strive to be as adults, who they are, how they love and how they affect the world around them. This is HUGE! I know that we all KNOW this intellectually, we understand this fact…we are all very aware of this as we make the choice to become parents and to create our families. It’s just that recently, I have been exposed to many different parenting examples and I have seen children suffering, children thriving, children lost and searching for love…and through all of this I am learning the things I do not want to do and the things that I want to make sure I absolutely do. Parenting is such a journey and I know I will continue to learn as my children grow…but one thing I know for sure, it’s a constant action of love, devotion, sacrafice, dedication, humility and growth. I am forever grateful to my children for allowing me the blessing of being their parent!

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