should i foster while i wait for a child?

Hey everyone! well my adoption worker called yesterday, and she finished my file and submitted it so she says i should be approved and put into the adoption pool on friday! This is exciting news for me. The frusteration im having is the differing opinions on how long the wait will be. Will it be soon? my age range is 1-5 boy or siblings 1-5 boy/boy or boy/girl. I was, i think very OPEN about all the things that you will accept; drug exposure,parental mental issues,open adoption and so many other catagories. I NEVER once thought” I ONlY want a blond haired blue eyed boy under two”. First of all, because its unrealistic, and secondly there are plenty of fantastic kids who are hispanic,african american,filipino,and caucasian with different attributes which makes them special too. The part im concerned with if it truly IS going to take 9 months to a year to adopt a child, then thats the reality, but i would like to know because i could then open my home to a foster child who needs one in the meantime.
Then though you have a foster child that is making progress in your home and re-unification is going well with the birth parents , and you get a call from your adoption worker saying she has a match for you. What do you do then? I have a two bedroom home,so if they were the same gender it would be fine. Do you see where im going with this. I dont think its fair to the foster child, to create a lot of drama when your main goal is to to give them a safe,secure,home, love,commitment, and encouraging a reunification with the birth parent(if so mandated). So im rather torn. Has anyone else been in this situation? i want to be fair,and put the childs needs first. I want to be a parent, if its gong to take a while then i would like to foster,but what happens if i recieve a foster child and two weeks later get the call we prospective parents having been patiently waiting for???? please comment if you would and let me know. I have a lot of love to give a chld or children, and i wouldnt mind fostering and adopting, at the same time, but is it fair to the kids? thanks for your input. Rick

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  • January 8, 2009 at 4:32 am

    As a foster/adoptive/biological parent of 12, I can fully recommend fostering while you wait. Even if you’re only in a child’s life for a small while, you might help them, and it’ll surely give you a little more experience.

    At a minimum, it’s better to build a child than to try to fix an adult.

    Do it, do it, do it! 🙂

    Best of luck and best wishes for the future,

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