Good morning everyone! Today is such an exciting day for me. Not only do we finally have change in washington, but my home study was approved yesterday!!!!! my worker said i go into the adoption pool on friday!!!! I have waited for this for a while. I know she told me “youll be approved dont worry”. But as gay and lesbians i think we do. We think behind closed doors they could say “well hes a great guy, got a nice house, good job, supportive family, but…… HES GAY!, HES 43!!!,HES SINGLE”!!!!. And thats the part that kept me a little on edge. I want to think that as a country in many states weve moved beyond who we choose to love, but sadly in many areas its simply not true. BUT today my belief in humanity has been upheld. Now comes the hard part, the wait, 2 weeks?3 months? 6 months? LONGER?. All i know is during this time all im doing is saving my money, paying off anything that isnt allready paid off, and planning two small trips, before the big change in my life that fianlly is coming. Im so happy i could cry, and after i submit this blog i just may!! take care and have a great day! rick

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