Great News!

I haven’t been on the site for a while. We’ve had a lot going on since our last embryo transfer. Our doctors determined that the egg donor that we chose (a first time donor) was not the best choice. They wanted us to choose an experienced donor and start over. We went through the database again and chose a new donor, but had to delay our next transfer until the early fall. We got married in September and went away for our honeymoon. The transfer would have to wait until after we got back and it was scheduled for Mid October. Unfortunately, there were some issues with our GS’ cycle and we were back at the drawing board. The next transfer was scheduled for The day after Thanksgiving….again, another speed bump. How could the doctors expect that our GS and the ED would be willing to travel away from their families on Thanksgiving… It was pushed to the 2nd week in December. The egg retrieval was successful and we had our plans to fly out to CA for our transfer. On day 5, our embryos looked good…but. The Drs wanted to wait another day for the embryos to continue to grow before the transfer. More anxiety. Day 6, all looked good. We had very good embryos and transfered two to the GS. Now the waiting game.. 10 days before the pregnancy test. We would learn just before Christmas. Well, it was late in the day on a Friday afternoon and I was freaking out because we hadn’t heard anything. We called our GS…nothing. We called the agency…nothing. We called the Drs office, they’d call back….. 10 minutes later our GS called us (5:30pm). WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!! We popped some champagne and began our private celebration. Our immediate families knew that we were waiting to hear, so we were avoiding their calls. We wanted to tell them in person at Christmas. We were at my family on Christmas Eve and we were all together when I said “I know we agreed that we’d only buy gifts for the kids, but we have a gift for everyone…” then I turned to my mom and said, “you’re going to be a Grandma again!” Mom & Dad cried and everyone else cheered. The next day was Christmas and we went to my partner’s family….everyone cried.

We had to make our arrangements to go to the first ultrasound appointment, which was this past Monday….. more good news! WE’RE HAVING TWINS!!!! The heartbeats are strong and all looks good. We’re only 7 weeks along, but we couldn’t be happier. It’s been a long journey and we’re only at the beginning. I hope this helps others going through this process. When we started, people warned that there would be ups and downs… and there have been… but its worth it!

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