First UK Baby Born Free of Cancer Gene

While this has been done in the United States, the first baby was born in the UK free of the breast cancer gene, BRCA1, which would have meant that the baby girl had an 80 percent chance of contracting breast cancer. I know this is a sensitive issue for some and there are arguments that doctors should not play God and create super babies, but when there is a fatal disease that can be prevented, I do not think that is playing God. In this case, this couple has eradicated a potentially fatal disease from their family. This girl’s father’s grandmother, mother, sister and a cousin have all been diagnosed with the disease.

Using pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PDG), infertility specialist Dr. Paul Serhal was able to remove a cell from the developing embryo and test it for the gene mutation. Carrying this gene also means that the baby girl could have had a 50 percent increase in contracting ovarian cancer.

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