Canadian gay couple shares adoption success story says Yo Mustafa and Paul Groulx “went from zero to three children in a matter of six months”. The couple, which has been together since 1989, now cares for three boys including a 13-year old and 11-year-old twins.

Mustafa and Grouix started their adoption journey in July 2003 by attending an Adoption Council of Ontario information evening.

The sons were neglected by their biological parents and eventually placed into the care of Children’s Aid. At the time, the older boy was six years old and the twins 3-1/2. They were in foster care two years.

ACO is a non-profit charitable organization formed in 1987 by representatives of the adoption community. According to its website, ACO’s mission is to “educate, support, and advocate on behalf of those touched by adoption in Ontario”.

One thought on “Canadian gay couple shares adoption success story

  • July 27, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    yes, and you also forgot to add that the boys have 5 other siblings and 3 of us cant see them anymore for what reasons i’ll never know, but for some reason my other 2 sisters can see them still… witch is upsetting considering we all went through the same thing and had to raise eachother, you’d think you would want to keep the siblings together or atleast be in touch and have visits once in awhile… my 2 boys missed out on knowing their uncles because of all this, im sure if i had of been old enough to be in c.a.s that i would have had visit with them too till this day… but i was too old so i lost out.
    my parents were the ones that messed up, and we lost out… i dont think anyone will ever understand how hard this is until they have gone through it personally to know your siblings for 6-9yrs and then have them taken away forever or until their 18… its impossible to deal with… i have nothing against these men, i think they saved my brothers from alot of drama with my parents, i just wish that they would understand that im not out to steal them back or cause any trouble, i just wish they would give me the same chance they gave my sisters to see them, let their nephews meet them… my 5yr old son met them once for 3 1/2hrs at the final visit we had with them and they adored him!
    im sooo angry with my parents for causing all the problems, i feel robbed of my brothers because of my parents mistakes!!
    its been 5yrs now and i still think of them everyday just about, i have photos of them everywhere in my home.

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