Today New Warren Video – Melissa Etheridge Should Give Up on This Guy

After the jump, Warren’s new video. We’ve read what Mrs. and Mrs. Melissa Etheridge have said in their attempt to defend Rick Warren. We truly “get” their point of view. In fact, one of us spent several years inviting anti-gay ministers to lunch, over to the house for dinner, and even doing joint public appearances to talk about marriage equality.

We drew a line in the sand when it came to Little Man. That’s when it all ended. For all of the meetings, hugs, smiles and private support . . . we got NOTHING from these “good Christians” when it came time to legally protect our son’s relationship to his parents.

Watch the newest video from Rick Warren, Saddleback Pastor and Obama inaugural invocation selectee. In this video recorded and posted today, December 23, Warren accuses us gays of having “Christ-ophobia”–claiming that all gays are “afraid of any Christian.”

We’re not afraid of you – we’re just sick of some of you. The term “you” is used to describe self-proclaimed Christians who spend their time raising public opinion and money to hurt my family. Go away.

See the video:

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