Melissa Etheridge Meets Rick Warren – Hollywood Farm Girl

Melissa Etheridge Meets Rick Warren – Hollywood Farm Girl

The spouse of Melissa Etheridge gives us another side of the Rick Warren issue. Apparently Melissa Etheridge met Warren and the lovely spouse of Melissa gives us a few thoughts to ponder.

Here is part of what Tammy Lynn says on her blog “hollywood farm girl”:

“rick is not a televangelist. rick is not falwell. rick spoke of some “stupid” things he’s said (his word, not mine), some missquotes that were given, and lots of ammunition from the media. all excellent points. (we’re all war-minded right now, you know. it’s easy for the media to distract us by throwing us into our own verbal wars here at home.) ) what to do, what to do…. the rest of the public is given an animation of rick warren… and then my wife meets the man behind the projections, the quotes, the “OTHER SIDE”. and he is warm, caring, effusive, and LOVES gays. since he nearly swallowed honey when he hugged her, i tend to believe him. he wants our gay marriages to be just as respected and embraced as the straight marriages. he just wants to wear his yamaka, and me wear my hat.”

Come over to to check out this and other stories including Samantha Ronson’s (Lindsay Lohan’s love muffin lesbian girlfriend) recent trip to the hospital . . . AND MORE!

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8 thoughts on “Melissa Etheridge Meets Rick Warren – Hollywood Farm Girl

  • December 24, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    That blog made me sick! coming from a gay woman with children from the gay relationship! Tammy Etheridge forgets that their are alot of strong christan gays that attend church and love god! and we have every right to have our godly rights to the spiritual word…. marriage…. as stated and commanded in the bible! We shouldnt have to go against our faith and our religious mind sets and have a term like..glued?

    instead of using our gods the holy (word marriage!) In the writing of the holy bible..we use a man word given like glued? whos playing the role of god here?

    divorce is against god and you use to be stoned to death if you divorced a marriage like christians do today! single unwed mothers were also punished by death!..IN THE BIBLE!! but each of these types of sinners are covered under the blood of christ and forgiven over and over! as drunks and liars and people that steal! and all of these people can have legal spiritual weddings and the use of the word marriage!! as many times AFTER DIVORCES.. as they want!! in the house of god!!

    we christian gays that are covered under the same blood of jesus are less saved?..NO..these sinful people get married in church all the time! we are welcome to go to church and help build up missions and worship god but yet we will (shame) the holy word marriage in the house of god?

    I will have explain to my children that we armt allowed to be married becouse god made man and woman for a holy marrige! that we arnt pure and clean enough to be able to do that! becouse our same sex family isnt approved by god so we cant share that word..MARRIAGE..its holy and clean! dear! were nasty!! but were saved as jesus dies for our sins? and were going to heaven but not allowed a word from the bible god used! and when you hear at church them say if you live together and have sex god wants you to be married!! to be one!!..they arnt refering to perverts like us sweetheart!!

    Oh,Becouse mankind says that god doesnt wasnt all his people being and living as one! to get married! lets get the scissors and just cut that part out of the bible right now! so we dont offend anyone else thats religious! just men and women! so dear, we can get GLUED.. so we can have legal rights to the money and health insurance!! and get a tax break!!

    Tammy etheridge mybe a legal agreement may work for you!!..with rights!! I want to be married before god for love!! but Im a a strong christian and (my god) says I need to be married in his house before him with the holy word MARRIAGE! To have your unions before god and be legal in the land! says!!.. Im am not walking around with any label that is lesser and not respected and ordained by.. my god.. but given by two faced men!! my god says Marriage is a rule with the one you love and thats what I need in my faith and religion!! Its really starting to look like Tammy may not be 100% gay mybe the abuse issues from her childhood directed her to this life style? becouse she speaks like a straight woman looking for a way to walk the fence and save face with her straight freinds and family!

    Sadly straight religious people can hear Tammys voice due to her famous gay wife! and the millions of struggling gays that are good people and love god and his holy word .. marriage is a very big deal to them… we remain silent as common everyday people!

    I wont be reading HOLLYWOOD FARMGIRL..anymore becouse it has the same affect as Rev Phelps on us! thats a waste of time when we are all working and fighting and struggle to receive the same civil rights to pass on to our children! as religious based gays people!! It will happen in time! I hope I live to see that day for my great grandchilden!! but it sure wont happen with the help of Tammy Etheridge!! in spite of her we will prevail!

  • December 27, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    Tammy Etheridge isnt speading love to people that dont really understand gays! Tammy has blogged that us gays wearing a different hat like (her new friend) wants gays too is ok!! shes even going to his church next and by the way Tammy!! ask if they will let you and Melissa hold your next pretend wedding there? see what your friend says? NOT OK! Im sure alot of fearful black people didnt want any trouble and remained calm and happy taking the back seats on the bus!! as long as they got to their stop like all the white people up front!…The Klan was started on the bible verses saying for each tribe or nation to stay and marriage their own kind!! thats why they burn crosses!! lets let the Klan have their religious rights to cute little titles for black people? why not? Huh,Tammy! and the christian thing for the black people back in the day, to have done would have been to embrace the Klan and go to a clan meetings? Tammy Etheridge if you want to help us gays after seeing..OMG!.. Oprah and now this!! PLEASE SHUT UP!! and let Melissa do the talking!! THANK YOU!!

  • January 7, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    Rember when it was legal to shoot a Morman? That religion wasnt protected under the law and they ran to the salt lake mountains of Utah.Rember when women couldnt own property or vote! Rember when blacks and whites couldnt marry! When you couldnt get married in church when you were divoced and woman couldnt choose if they wanted to have a child or not to? even if faced with her own death! Rember when women couldnt be pastors in their churches or work outside the home!Rember when a single person couldnt raise or adopt a child! Rember when it was legal to beat and work your child and not send them to school? All those laws and ideas have changed! years from now people will say…rember when people could only get marry if they were straight?

  • December 28, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    Your yamaka,my hat!! who cares? same rights? really?

    Your white school house or colored school house!

    Your white prom or colored prom!

    Your white water fountain or colored water fountain!

    Your door in the front of the store ours in the back!

    Your front seats our back seats!

    Your public swimming pool or public colored swimming pool!

    Your churches or colored churches!

    Your neighborhoods or colored neighbors!

    Your public resturants our colored resturants!

    You made the laws we obey!

    You are many and we are fewer!

    You throw the rope and we wear it!

    Thats is who cares!! All People who have fought and died for all our civil rights to be equals! Rember your raising your children to belive that we are NOT all entitled to the same and we are not all equals! Proud Gay mom of six!


  • December 28, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    A Cap,Yamaka,Hat,Menorah,Candle,Matzo Ball Soup,soup and crackers and marriage and a piece of paper are all choices of what you would like to have or use,Except gay people unlike straight people arnt allowed a choice of all of the above! we arnt free to choose which one we like or want to use as straight people are are! The magic word here is CHOICE and freedom to be able to have what others take for granted each day! CIVIL RIGHTS!

  • December 28, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    Tammy you stated, No sweat just love here! love for who? not for the gay people! mybe just you? You should post the truth which is no courage just cowardly treason here. Everyone rembers the Isaiah Washington slur against T.R Knight and you were the only gay person running to his side in the press offering a excuse and not a kind word to your fellow gay man Knight! You openly side with the gay bashers and hide behind the word love! try coward! you didnt even come out as a gay woman but as a straight woman on tv until you had no choice dating and being seen with Melissa Etherdige.I read, where you said that you hid your relationships with other woman and didnt want others to know! Lets hope in 10 years that Melissa Etheridge isnt faced AGAIN with another partner and 2 kids saying she was never even gay! becouse you sure arnt to upset about the abuse of gays or their civil rights and you speak like a straight girl!

  • December 25, 2008 at 1:16 am

    You cant fully love someone when you are placing a negative judgement against them! and you cant be fully for them when you feel they need to be (kept apart) from important parts of your own life and ideas!!

  • December 23, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    To love one’s fellow man(woman) and disagree with some
    of their personal choices?

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