Meet a Couple Against Marriage Equality

If you’d like the chance to learn a little about a couple who fasted for 40 days in support of Proposition 8 – come on over to

Maybe if we understood these folks more, we’d be able to supply the missing facts that would help them make the leap to reality.

That’s what is so frustrating. Does anyone else feel this way? I know all the facts about marriage equality because I live it everyday. I am 100% positive that I’m right. However, those who don’t live it everyday are missing so many facts, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that many of them don’t support change in our favor. (I’m being generous to them.)

In any event, I am also positive that if any reasonable person had all of the facts that I have, they would support marriage equality.

Anyway . . . come on down to meet the fasting Ferreiras.

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