Lesbians’ Little Man Enjoys a Day in Heaven and Some Campbell Soup

On Friday we had a snow day. Little Man was home for the entire day. He was excited about getting to sleep in . . . for about 5 minutes. Then he was all reared up and ready for the day. And oh what a day.

Do you remember those snow days when you were a kid? In our neighborhood there were at least a zillion kids to play with. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration since there were only 1,800 people in the entire town. But on snow days, all of the kids were in our yard and/or on one of the sledding hills. There were toddlers, teenagers and adults all throwing snowballs, rolling in the snow, building snowmen, sledding . . . frozen noses, fingers and toes . . . wet pants, socks and gloves.

We’d come in for a few minutes every couple of hours or so. My mom would have hot chocolate waiting for all of our friends and we’d warm our hands and toes near the furnace vents. Then we’d put on dry clothes and go out for more.

Well, Little Man is now 7 and he had one of those days. Our town is a “little” larger and kids can’t roam the neighborhoods like they once did but by the end of the day I counted 9 different kids who had come by to share some part of the day with him.

Outside they built a snow fort, threw snow balls, played on the swing-set / wooden fort, went sledding and inside they built a fort out of the sofa cushions, pretended to be characters from Star Wars, and played with Hot Wheels, monster trucks, Bakugans, an Erector Set, Thomas the Train, Battleship, had a sword fight, did some boxing . . . There were boys and girls. They were black and white and Japanese. All were between the ages of 4 and 10. And, they all live in our neighborhood. Little Man is the only one with 2 moms but having 2 moms is a zip on their scale of what’s noticeable.

All they cared about was having a fantastic day and making sure that when they came in a grownup met them at the door with an offer of hot chocolate and dry clothes for the next trip outside.

Oh, and just like our mothers, these Two Lesbos served the kids hot Campbell Soup for lunch . . . wink . . . wink.

Much to be thankful for here. Oh, and just like when I was a kid . . . our dog had more fun than anyone.

PS – Little Man topped off Friday night with a slumber party sleep-over Star War’s birthday for his friend Jason who lives a couple of houses down the street. Eleven boys sleeping over . . . gee, can’t want for our turn. Yikes!

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