Don’t Mess With Me or My Kids – And Yes – I’m Expressing a Litte Hate Toward the Mormons

I loved my heterosexual parents and if anybody tried to take away their parental rights, their right to adopt, their children’s health insurance . . . they would have been damn mad, hateful, immature and every other emotion under the sun.

These are our families – our children.

I used to be one of the play nice, act mature, fit in good gays – but I’m sick of it.

If more of us would feel that way we would not have lost proposition 8. We all have Donny Osmond / Sarah Palin “friends” – well,I’m not having them anymore. If you are going to vote against my family – you are NOT my friend.

Bottom line – my heterosexual parents taught me that you take care of your family. If you don’t have the nerve to do it – move over because many of us do.


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