An Unimaginable Loss

I am very sad to report to you that early this morning our Executive Director, Paula Brooks, lost her partner Debbie in a brave battle against breast cancer.

As you can imagine, the LGR family of writers has been devastated by this news, and at a loss for words. We know there is nothing we can say to take away the sadness, pain, or uncertainty facing Paula and her daughters; but we did feel a responsibility to share this news with our readers.

Today is a sad day for us, and a painful reminder to tell your loved ones that you love them, hug your children everyday, create happy memories when you can.

One day we won’t be here to write posts to you… I hope that before then we can make a difference in this world and create some happy memories too. In the meantime, we are all here, together, taking it one step at a time. We are here, sticking together through the good times, the tough times, the happy and sad times. That’s what family does. Paula and Debbie shared more than a decade of their life together, and Paula considered Debbie her soul mate. They bravely faced breast cancer together, and now Paula is bravely facing the loss of her soul mate. The LGR family expresses our deepest sympathies at this time to Paula Brooks and her family, and I ask you today to please leave your condolences as well.

We appreciate your being a part of our lives, and for being with us on this very sad day, and if you can, please visit The Susan G. Komen Foundation to make a donation in honor of Debbie, Paula, and their twins.


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