A blog for intended parents. Fertility Counseling Services responds to frequently asked questions.

Dr. Kim Bergman has created a psychological screening and support process for both surrogates and egg donors. She’s founder of Fertility Counseling Services.

Why do surrogates need psychological monitoring services? Dr. Bergman says, “Surrogacy is like a marathon, in that it will test her physical and emotional endurance. Your surrogate’s experience may still incite many emotions even when the process goes perfectly. Thus, during the surrogacy, FCS provides someone who has active listening of the surrogate.”

With an extensive background in fertility and parenting, Dr. Bergman is an expert on the topic of parenting by choice – particularly within the gay and lesbian community. She has provided services to hundreds of intended parents from around the world.

Her service of surrogate monitoring is a proven and structured system of contact between mental health professionals and surrogates. It’s designed to guide and support surrogates throughout the third party reproductive process.

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  • October 31, 2009 at 8:07 am

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  • May 12, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    Dear Future Parents:

    I would like to introduce myself, Loree .
    I am interested in becoming a surrogate once again. I was a surrogate over two years ago. The intended parents were from Italy and wanted to have a baby. I agreed to work with them. They were successful the first try! They were expecting a baby but at 2.5 months, the doctor pulled me off of Progesterone. This is the medication/hormone that keeps the body from rejecting the fetus. They pulled me off too soon and I miscarried. We were all devastated. I agreed to stay with this couple. About 7 months went by and the couple. The I.M. would state that she did not have a good vibe about this transfer and would cease all medication and injections… we’d have to start over several times. We tried again and again but her body would just not respond to the medication properly. Her eggs were very poor quality and were frozen. Only one survived but was a very poor grade. It did not work. Once again, we decided to go through another cycle. Once again, her body did not respond. Once again we stopped and started again and again. Finally, I called her (usually she called, texted and emailed daily… yes, all three). Suddenly it stopped abruptly so I called her. Turned out she was chosen to be the adoptive parents of a newborn. Without notice, without informing the doctors or the agency, she adopted. This left me with over two years loyalty and chock full of medication. I am happy for her and her husband. They so wanted a baby. It was their dream and they made it come through. They will make excellent parents and I am thrilled for them. But, here I am… starting over two years later. Now I am looking for a couple who is similar to me. I would like to work with a couple who has manners, is open and warm and friendly. Someone who will not see me as an employee. Yes, I am being compensated, but not paid. I’d like to work with a couple who is patient and willing to express concerns diplomatically. I offer longevity, honesty and the peace of mind to know that I will do everything possible to hold up my end of this delicate deal.

    I love being a surrogate. Now I am VERY familiar with the procedures. We used Dr. Chantillis in Dallas, Texas and Dr. Noble in El Paso (who is excellent!) We use Freedom Pharmacy to order all medication (this saves me from having to be reimbursed, an account is created and medication is only a phone call away). I am familiar with the cycles and how this works. At first, it was all new to all of us. I can answer a lot of the questions and tell you what you may expect and how long things take and why certain things happen.

    I am familiar of what to avoid, what foods to avoid and how to inject myself as my fiancé is also very familiar. This really helps! I have all tests completed, and I have to say, each time I have gone in for the sonogram (they will look at my uterus inside and out to see how I am doing) I have responded to the medication very, very well. In fact, the doctors stated that my uterus is ideal for carrying a child.

    I know that this is difficult for you. It is a life changing experience and something that you may have mixed feelings about. That is normal. That is okay. This baby will be YOUR baby to love and boy, will you have a story to tell if you should chose to. It is incredible. If we are matched, you may expect a very friendly, happy, cheerful person. I am the mother of one little spirited boy. He’s my world. And, my fiancé is the most patient man I’ve ever met. For instance, in the middle of the night, if I say, “I’m craving chicken strips from Denny’s” he will immediately respond, “Want me to get some?” (Laugh!) I won’t even be pregnant. And no, I never make him. He is soooo great. I love him so much. I’ve asked him if he would like to have a child of our own. He does not. Thankfully. You see, I’ve always wanted one child. Always. My little boy has a lot of friends and a cousin his same age to play with. Someday I hope to be a foster parent someday, not anytime soon. One project at a time for me!

    I have a sense of humor that is basic. I laugh at my own jokes. No one else seems to. I’m a bit silly. My little boy makes me laugh so much. He is hilarious. I love kids. I really do. They are fun. Whenever I can get my niece to come over, we are very happy. They are a handful but so much fun together.

    I work in an office. I like cushy office work right now. I used to be a coordinator. Now I am used to sitting at a desk all day and I love it. I love office work. I do not speak Spanish at all. I wish that I did.

    What am I like? Well, I’m very boring, I think. That whole club scene was out of my system when I had my child. I love the house and the family and the white picket fence. I love animals, too. I really do. Currently I’m searching for a breeder who will breed silver poodles. Toy, miniature or tea cup. They are hard to find! My passion is history. I have a degree (associates) in Business Management. We believe in God. Now, we are not of any denomination. Simply put, we believe in God.

    What can you expect? You may expect integrity, honesty and complete communication. This is YOUR baby and I am willing to care of this baby. I feel that it is my responsablity to ensure that this baby has a healthy, happy start. I like to play music, talk to the baby and, if you allow, play your voices (recorded or live) to the womb so that the baby will be comforted when he or she is born and will recognize your voice. It works!
    I will make sure that you are informed of everything. There will be no suprises. I know that this is difficult to imagine, someone carrying your child. Please know that I will love and care for this baby while I am carrying it up until your baby is in your arms.

    I want to help you to make your dream come true. This is a wonderful journey and something that will be a positive experience. Whomever you should chose, whomever you are matched with, may they be loving, patient and always happy as to ensure a great pregnancy and experience for you, the baby and the surrogate. This is important, I’m sure that you are aware.

    I wish you success. This is a wonderful thing that you are going to accomplish. Thank you for your consideration and your time.



  • May 12, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    Hi, I am an experienced surrogate. I am ready to be matched with a couple. I am working with SPCT in Dallas, Texas. All background investigations and medical exams passed and completed. Psych evaluations completed and passed. If you are interested in using me as a surrogate, I’d be pleased to meet with you. You would simply contact SPCT at Phone: 214-742-6222 and ask about experienced surrogate “L.F.” in West Texas. Thanks!

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