3 bacon egg and cheese bagels, 2 happy meal toys and a man I cannot stop thinking about?

Seriously! Now given the state of my life right now and the fact that I came to conclusion about men and that I was done. I walked into McDonalds’ this Sunday morning at the usual time the boys and I get there to have breakfast before Church. It is always the same crowd of folks they know us and we know them. It is part of the ritual that has become part of the family.

This Sunday however, it was done in the new MINIVAN, I just bought. Yes, after all my bitchin and moanin I traded in my last few ounces of “Gay Pride”, my license to the velvet mafia having been revoked because the allure of 2 power sliding doors was greater than Prada and a trip to Miami. I digress.

So we walk in and I scan to the right for the usual collection of grandparental types that greet the boys. There sits the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I was completely taken aback and yes, speechless! There was that instant connection and “spark” that only happens a few times in your life. There was definitely a connection; it was shared by both of us. I wanted to take him and give him a kiss and welcome him home like I had been missing him my whole life. What was that about?

Here is what I know. He had just returned from Rome, was with him mom and dad and they were from the next town over. His heart was in pain I could tell. It stays with me now. So here is the questions….How far would you go to find this person and what if anything would you do?