Take a picture of your gay family and declare yourselves equal

Family Equality Council is responding to the disappointing losses in Arizona [Prop 102], Florida [Amendment 2], Arkansas [Act 1], and California [Prop 8] with a new campaign – called DECLARE YOUR FAMILY EQUAL.

FEC is asking families and friends across the country to submit photos of themselves holding signs declaring their equality. Submit a photo of your family holding a sign that starts “MY FAMILY…” and then you fill in the blank.

Submissions will be included in a video and posted on YouTube!

In an email to members, Executive Director Jennifer Chrisler says, “…while everyone is watching, waiting for us to react, they can see how strong, how beautiful, how truly resilient our families are.”

The deadline for submitting photos to be included in the video is soon – Sunday, November 9, 11:59pm EST.

One thought on “Take a picture of your gay family and declare yourselves equal

  • November 8, 2008 at 1:18 am

    My name is Heather and I STILL have two mommies. They didn’t go away on November 5th. They were just stripped of their rights! My moms are very sad now and I want the people that did this to tell me why! Can anyone tell me why?

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