Gay foster parents on trial in Miami

During 15 years as a child-welfare judge, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Cindy Lederman has been a lawyer, a social worker and even a bit of a cheerleader, encouraging troubled parents to make better choices.

When Lederman rules later this month on a gay foster father’s petition to adopt the two small boys he has raised since 2004, she will have to wear yet another hat: social scientist.

In a one-week trial peppered with words like ”null hypothesis,” ”central limit theorem” and ”Pearson correlation,” a half-dozen experts in psychology, epidemiology, sociology and family studies presented starkly different views on whether gay men and women can be as good at parenting as straight people. The trial, which ran Oct. 1-6, was closed to the public, but The Miami Herald has obtained a transcript of the testimony.

The Miami Herald‘s Carol Marbin Miller reports on the testimony.

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