Tennessee robbed me of my life and the right to raise my daughter!

Every time I tell this story it just makes me sick. I have done nothing wrong and yet I can not get any justice.

See in 1986 I was sent to live with my father in TN because my mom was an alcoholic and I just didn’t handle it well. Not long after moving in with my father we had a terrible disagreement and I found my self in a residential treatment facility.

My father stopped visiting a few months after dropping me off at this facility and not long after that I ran away in an attempt to get back to my mom and brother in Indiana.

Of course that didn’t work and I found myself standing before a judge at the Davidson County Juvenile Court listening to my father give me away like a piece of trash.

Over the next 3 and 1/2 years I was relocated 6 times to different facilities. Some of these facilities were in Nashville, TN and then I was moved to Memphis, TN to finish out my time as an orphan.

On Febuary 14, 1991 at 4:00pm the facility Social Worker released me into the community. I did the best I could to survive and January 3, 1994 I found my self having a beautiful little girl.

6 Month’s later I again found myself standing in front of Juvenile Court judge but this time I was doing my best to prove I was a good mom. I had a job an apartment I didn’t do drugs and I hadn’t been arrested. To no avail she deemed my environment immoral unsanitary due to lesbians living in the home. She informed me that I didn’t have enough education or family support to raise a child but allowed me to retain custody.

In 1998 the father petitioned the court for custody claiming that I had left my daughter in 1996 and had only returned in 1998 to retreive my daughter and return her to an immoral and unsanitary environment.

The judge granted him his petition without hearing evidence or asking for an investigation as the law dictates. She not appoint a Gaurdian Ad Litem.

Not having any family to turn to I took an offer from some friends to move to Alabama and enroll in school. Two years into my studies I petitioned the court to modify custody and return my daughter she refused. I lost my christmas holiday visitation and my daughter’s birthday visition because I had moved and was trying to get an education.

Losing once again I finsihed up my classes and returned to Indiana to reestablish a relationship with my family. In 2004 my daughter made allegations about one of her uncles and I have been fighting every since to get out of that home.

I was punished when I tried to protect my daughter. I have been dismissed from Circuit Court twice without a hearing.

I have won an Appeal throug the Tennessee Appealate Court in Jackson, TN. Kissick Vs. Kallaher.

My daughter is now 14 and we were promised by her father that when she finished 8th grade she could come and live with me. But that hasn’t happened.

Now my daughter is living in a home with cock roaches, moldy bathrooms, and fleas. Her grandmother is verbally abusvie and her father is neglecting her by allowing her grandmother to tell her that I am going to go to hell, and that he will die if she does come live with me.

She started the 9th grade this year and instead of going to a top rated public school in Indianapolis she is attending a school that to this day has not had a formal day of class in which the children are being taught because they don’t even have all the books they need.

On September 12, 2008 at 9:00am I have to stand before the Honorable Judge and ask that he set aside his own dismissal with out legal counsel because she has decided she does not want to take this case even though she has taken $3000. from me.

I just want my daughter and my life. I have been trying to please this state for far to long and I could use some help in getting my voice as they are not listening.

I have attached a detailed list of events per the court orders since 1994.

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