True North Productions in the UK is making a sensitive observational documentary about Surrogacy.
It’s for Channel 4 – a British Public Service Broadcaster – and its flagship documentary series Cutting Edge. We aim to follow surrogate mums and intended parents at different stages of their journeys: from meeting each other, to conception, to birth and the start of new family life with their baby.
The documentary will focus on the experience of being a surrogate mother – why and how women decide to give childless couples the gift of a child and how it affects their own lives. We particularly want to explore why women choose to become surrogates again and again.

We are keen to hear from surrogate mums and intended parents, at any stage of surrogacy, in North America or the UK, who might be interested in appearing in the programme. We’re especially keen to hear from women who are experienced surrogates.

We’re filming right through to December 2008 but we’d really like to just talk to you first – there’s no pressure to be involved in the programme, it will just be helpful for our research.

If you’re interested or have any questions please feel free to contact Katie Conoby on 011-44-113-222-7540 if you’re calling from the States or 0113-222-7540 if you’re calling from the UK. Or email on
We’d love to hear your story.

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