New to Proud Parenting

My parnter and I adopted our son in 2007. Can I just say that we absolutely LOVE being parents! In fact, we love it so much that we plan to adopt again. However, this time we are planning to do things a bit differently.

We made the decision to adopt in April 2006 after considering surrogacy as an option, too. We decided that having children was more important to us than having children that looked like us.

During our first adoption, we worked with Adoption Connection, a non-profit agency located in San Francisco. We chose them because they were reputable in the adoption field, and worked with all types of famiies. In June 2006, we began our homestudy process and enrolled in some classes offered by the agency. Our homestudy was completed in August 2006. In Sept, 2006, we started our birthmother letter. Although we finished the BM letter in October, it was not printed until Jan 2007. On Feb 1, 2007, we were ready for placement. Five months into the process, we heard nothing from Adoption Connection. Apparently, this was an unusually slow time for them. We took matters into our hands, and contacted an adoption facilitator. Within two months we brought our son home. The road was a bit bumpy (I am trying to be positive), but in the end everything worked out well. In April 2008, our son’s adoption was final. Looking back…every tear shed, was worth the joy we have now.

So here we are now ready to adopt again. We plan to work with Adoption Connection for our second. However, this time we developed our own website ( and adoption blog. We are focusing on being more patient… I’ll let you know how that goes! 😉

Thanks for letting us join…we look forward to more sharing.

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    Good luck with your journey to adopt again 🙂

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