Is your baby funny? Show your family’s sense of humor with Wry Baby

The San Francisco Chronicle, The Advocate, and USA Today all agree that Wry Baby is one of the most entertaining companies – offering gifts and baby clothing for dads and moms who want to pass along their sense of humor.

According to it’s website, Wry Baby wants to help you “raise funny people”. Consider a 5 pack of 1-inch pins for Father’s Day [or any day] to personalize your diaper bag. Proud Parent Pins tell the world you are a “NEW DAD” and “SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK”.

You might also want to support your party affiliation during this election year by having your little one sport a snapsuit that reads, “TINY DEMOCRAT”. Wry Baby snapsuits are short sleeve, sizes 0-6 month and 6-12 months.

It gets better – receive a free Father’s Day gift with orders over $50.

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