VIDEO: Spreading magic glitter everywhere she goes. An update from Dottie’s Magic Pockets

One of our favorite moms – Dottie- is receiving glowing reviews for “the greatest kids show NOT YET on TV!”

The show [available on DVD] is called Dottie’s Magic Pockets . It’s about a stay-at-home mom who gets kind of sad when her family members leave the house during the day. Her son gives her a gift – a sweater with huge pockets.

When Dottie reaches into the sweater’s pockets, she pulls out handfuls of magic glitter! She sprinkles the glitter around and her living room is transformed into a funhouse filled with new friends to keep her company during the day, including a flower, a beaver, a mouse, a singing can. Dottie even talks to the wall!

Curve magazine recently reviewed Dottie and her friends: “Tammy Stoner and her production company, Pink Pea, have blazed a new trail in television programming for children with Dottie’s Magic Pockets. It’s a live-action show whose target audience is young kids of lesbian and gay households, although I can’t imagine any kid not getting a supreme kick out of the enchanting program. And it packs a terrific educational punch.”

Dottie has returned from the R Family Vacations Cruise to Mexico. She recorded a vlog while on the cruise and we want to share it with you below.

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