My buddy is leaving soon???

Things were going pretty quietly.. well as quietly as they can be.. for quite some time, until last Wednesday, I was walking the kiddo to the park and got a phone call. OK honestly I wouldn’t even have answered it except I thought it was my mom.. boy was I surprised! It was kiddo’s social worker, and it was a big surprise. Basically kiddo’s mom was going to court the next day to try to get the kids back. The way he told it made it really sound like it was gonna happen by Friday. This purty much made me useless until Thursday night after the court hearing. Is he staying? Is he going? I was also surprised that there was so LITTLE notice. Call me Wednesday and he’s gone by Friday? I guess that’s more notice than when I had to take him, but it still really surprised me.

So after getting no sleep at all Wednesday night, and getting absolutely no work done at all on Thursday, I waited as long as I could before calling the social worker back and asking how the court hearing went. The way he described it sounded like it will be best for everyone, and kiddo won’t be leaving quite yet, which I’m taking selfishly as more time to spend with him. It really put a different perspective on things though, cuz he went from “he will be with you for quite a while” to “he’ll probably be gone in a couple weeks.” I honestly expected he’d be here for 3 or 4 more months at the least.

Anyway.. as far as he knows, things are kind of unchanged from our routine. I do think he noticed that something was really different when he had his visit with his family yesterday, he cried for about 20 minutes after we left, and that’s been unheard of for weeks. After he got that out of his system though, things have been ok. I don’t think he’s going to have visits again for a couple weeks, so now I get to try to distract him so he doesn’t realize that it’s missing, and it’ll make it so those nightly phone calls to mom are that more important – those have never been a problem though, so I think it’ll be ok.

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