Finally, a routine!

I can honestly say I haven’t written a lot lately because things have finally mellowed out and become “normal” … at least as normal as things get. Kiddo is finally in daycare, which was the first step towards normalization. At first he didn’t like it, he cried a lot when he realized I was leaving him with other people, but I am told about 5 minutes after I left he was ok. They probably bribed him with food, it seems to work well for me πŸ˜‰

We also got him to the dentist. When I had taken him in to the doctor, the social worker had asked me to have them check out his teeth. The doc had asked him to go to a dentist, so we got that done. He was actually really good at the dentist! I -HATE- the dentist, so I was amazed at how well he did. And it turns out his teeth are in great shape too, so that’s one less worry.

A frustrating side-story with the dentist is that they gave him a toothbrush. Well after stopping by at home to feed my dogs, I noticed that my dog had chewed up all of his sippy cups.. (dog goes nuts when she is left alone, she is soooo needy!) so I went to the store to get more sippy cups for him.. and when I got back, the dog had.. guess what! chewed up the toothbrush. It hadn’t been in the house 5 minutes and she’d already gotten to it. So I had my roommate pick up (yet another) toothbrush on the way home, but boy am I tired of the dog chewing everything up that isn’t out of reach.

The one really eventful day other then that has been Easter. I co-hosted a BBQ at the park with some friends, and .. well I am just kinda not sure how to handle it. Of course all my friends are single gay guys, and I’m the only one going the parental route. Everyone was very nice, but I think I expected them to be more.. involved? But in general I felt like I got brushed off a lot. People would say hi, say hi to kiddo, and then promptly go back to chatting and cruising. I did have fun, but I also felt a bit excluded. I could just be being hypersensitive though.. I am sure another BBQ will be coming soon, so we’ll see if I feel the same way.

On a more personal note, I took Tuesday off work to spend some time with the BF. He’s on Spring Break (ahh college! to think I was there only 3 months ago.) and doesn’t work so we went hiking in the snow (that didn’t last long.. BRR!) and then went and saw 10,000 B.C. What an abysmal movie! I gave it a 1 star on Netflix. But the company was good and it was a nice reprieve from regular days, so I am still glad we did it.

So now that I’m feeling refreshed, it’s back to work! I’ll write again soon. πŸ™‚

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