Change in Plans

Well, things have changed for us yet again.
Comunity decision: I am going to give birth.
-I am able to get up and walk around.
-DPs Borderline Peronality diagnosis(BP) may cause her to have to be hospitalized durring and for a time after PG
-Getting PG would mean that she couldn’t take BP meds to help stabalize her.
-My family tends to get pg fairly easy. Her family tends to miscarry easily (I know they say it is not heriditary, however, her mom, g-ma, aunts, and g-g-ma all had over 5 miscarriages and @ least 2 stillbirths each.)
-I handle stress better than my darling, dear, DP.
-I don’t have to worry about not being able to transfer in/out of the shower.
Hinderances to our plan:
-I need to have 23 teeth pulled before I can get pg = oral health problems are a cause for low birth rate.
-I need to get on thyroid medication and get it stablized before I can get pg = hypothyroid leads to decreased fertility and birth weight as well as birth defects. Treated, it is safe durring pg and leads to a normal healthy pg.

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