Fertility education for lesbian and gay parent hopefuls in the SF Bay Area. Topics include assisted reproductive medicine.

The American Fertility Association is addressing special issues confronting LGBT parent hopefuls. In a unique move to provide fertility and family-building information to lesbian and gay prospective parents in the San Francisco Bay Area, the AFA is presenting the West Coast Family Matters conference February 10th.

Family Matters will offer essential topics including: assisted reproductive medicine, third party reproduction, gamete donation, reproductive law, complementary care and adoption tailored to the family-building needs of gays and lesbians.

Guest speakers are the scientific, medical, legal and policy pioneers in understanding and confronting the impact of environmental contaminants on pregnancy.


The AFA is committed to providing resources for LGBT persons and couples who are interested in becoming parents. Though the AFA has always been an inclusive organization, the group recently “formalized” its inclusive approach by providing a dedicated section on it’s web site for LGBT concerns. It’s the only national mainstream fertility education and advocacy nonprofit that embeds inclusiveness in its mission.

Article adapted by Proud Parenting from original press release.

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