BLOG: Growing-up with lesbian moms member – KristenB – has been blogging about her family background, which includes being raised by her lesbian mom and partner.

In her first post, she writes:

I have great pride for my mom, who divorced my dad when I was very young. She knew she couldn’t pretend to be something she wasn’t and I admire her for leaving my brothers behind as she raised me. I can imagine it wasn’t an easy decision.”

She explains the anxiety that some kids with same-sex parents may experience:

“Okay, so I’m noticing a common thread amongst us adults with GLBT parents. We feel it is our responsibility to take care of our parents. I grew up with the assumption that I am responsible for keeping the bad people away from my moms. I had to make sure word didn’t get to the wrong people that my moms were gay.

She provides a unique perspective into the mind of a child raised by same-sex parents:

“My mom came out to me when I was 8. At that time I just understood that my mom loved a woman instead of a man and that other people wouldn’t like it, so I had to keep it a secret.”

And she wants to hear from you:

“I know there are others out there who were raised by GLBT parents. Some out, some closeted (like me). I’d love to hear from all of you. What did growing up with a GLBT parent give you? Or what does having a GLBT parent now, give you.”

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