Need help with research for study on interracial lesbian familes and insemination

Are you currently in an interracial lesbian relationship?

Are you or your current partner:
*In the process of conceiving through known or unknown donor insemination?
*Pregnant from donor insemination?
*Do you have biological children through donor insemination?

My name is Kendra Koeplin and I am writing to request your assistance in completing my master’s degree thesis research through the Smith College School for Social Work. The purpose of my study is to examine the impact of race on the decision-making process for interracial lesbian couples choosing to have children through donor insemination. My goal is to gather information and document the experiences of interracial lesbian couples nationwide.

If you fit the above criteria, you are invited to participate in a graduate research study exploring the impact of race on the decision-making for process for interracial/interethnic lesbian couples having children through donor insemination. By participating you are helping to expand the research and information on the experiences of interracial lesbian couples and their process of utilizing donor insemination. The information gathered will be helpful to mental health and medical professionals who may serve you and others like you.

For survey click on or copy and paste link below:

Survey Ends February 29th, so log on now!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time and assistance!

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