A Proud Parenting blogger writes about second parent adoption in Colorado. Perseverance is critical in this legal frontier.

Proud Parenting member – Todduscraig – has been blogging about his family’s quest for an approved second parent adoption in Colorado.

In his first post, he writes:

“My husband AJ is going to the court house today to begin the process for second parent adoption. The democratic legislature in Colorado just last year passed a law that allows for any second parent to adopt, which include gay couples.”

At the beginning of the process, the couple discovers that some of the state’s employees are still learning the procedures:

“The clerks at the court weren’t sure if the courts would process the adoption there or if the case would be sent to the courts of our home county (El Paso). Nevertheless, the paperwork has been filed and the need for another homestudy has been (temporarily) averted!”

And their adoption agency had a different suggestion:

“Our adoption agency said we could file in the Denver courts because we had filed there for my adoption back in May. Turns out that because the agency isn’t legally involved in the second parent adoption, that the Denver court had to switch the case back to the Colorado Springs courts where we live. The file was sent incomplete in that transfer, so a couple of extra weeks were added trying to straighten the whole thing out.”

Now the family has a court date set!

In his latest post, Todduscraig writes:

“AJ and I are scheduled to go before the judge here in Colorado Springs and baby Joshua will have two daddies legally! We’re both relieved that the end of the journey is now in sight. Keep your fingers crossed for us!”

Photo: It’s Joshua!

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