Notes from The Sticks, Pt. 1

Hello.. or should I say Howdy! (That was just for effect… we don’t really all talk that way… but yes, I admit I have an accent) My name is Kristin. I am 35, have been partnered for 9 years, and live in Arkansas. Ar-Kansas for you LSU fans. 🙂 My wife and I have always talked about having children, but the time never seemed right. Part of the problem was my fear over how my parents will react. They are not accepting, or even dealing very well, and I worry it will drive us further apart. But after a spring ovary removal due to a cyst, I decided I’d better get on with it. We are trying via AI and are in the middle of the TWW. (I’m just learning all of those.. so help me out if I mess them up!) Who knew two weeks could be so long??!?!?!?! It is amazing to me how your perspective changes once you really start trying.. all of the things you read about ahead of time take on new significance! But as I am sure you know, it is extremely exciting….

Gay? In Arkansas??? It works, but I wouldn’t recommend it. While I have a very few cases of blatant discrimination, I still get excited when I tell someone that I actually have a wife, not a husband, and their head doesn’t spin off. Of course, sometimes I also have situations where I choose not to say anything… or just go along with the husband comments. I know… isn’t that awful???? I just don’t want to end up a statistic.

So… once we get pregnant but before the baby is born, we plan to move to Massachusetts so we can get married. We have both wanted to live in the northeast for a long time, and now we have something that will make us move!

I enjoy this site very much and want to say thank you to everyone who has left comments in my guest book!!! Everyone here is so nice. To bad we can’t all get together at a coffee shop (decaf only!!) to hang out and chat… 🙂

Take care.

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  • February 5, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    Good Luck with the pregnancy. My partner and I have two boys ages 4 years and 8 weeks conceived through donor insemination AND we live in Mississippi! So, I understand. But I have to tell you, we haven’t had a single issue (yet) with other kids, parents, teachers, with anyone really. And our sons go to a Baptist Daycare/Preschool. The director, teachers and other parents have been very supportive and really treat us like any other family. We have been pleasantly surprised. It seems that it has to do with just being confident with who you are and not apologetic yet not aggressive about it. As far as your family, my dad was very concerned about me getting pregnant and raising children because of “society”. He is the proudest grandfather in the world and now is convinced that these kids will be just fine if not better. My partner’s family lives in rural Tennessee. Her mother did not do well with her daughter’s sexuality initially. She is also now a proud Nana and tells all her friends about our family, her grandchildren etc. (which are not biologically related to her) When we go to visit, there are loads of presents from all her friends and they all have to come visit while we are there. You would be surprised by what a grandchild can do. Sometimes people just need a gentle push out of their comfort zone. Best wishes!

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